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VOS Submissions
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768EditMarketing - SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS MANAGERLaura Riedel2014104838Laura.HRiedel@gmail.comSubmitted4/21/2023 5:09 AMCompleted

This one caught my eye.


Previous volunteer work was not associated with PMI​

Currently unemployed, I am seeking an opportunity where I can invest my free time for greatest impact.  This specific type of work is new to me but important to the industries I serve.  With some direction and online training, I am confident I can get up to speed quickly.

767EditPrograms - Programs Team PM - GeneralAnjana Shrestha7327427438anjanashrestha@hotmail.comSubmitted4/11/2023 12:18 PMCompleted

Project and Program Management, Strategic Planning, Metrics Analysis, Coordination


- Project Advisor | OLE Nepal | February 2023 – March 2023
OLE Nepal (est. 2007) is a non-profit organization based in Nepal with a mission to enhance education quality and access through the integration of technology in the teaching-learning process.

Involved in my previous organization as an advisor for program and project initiatives
Collaborated with the leadership team in areas such as strategic planning, risk management, performance metrics, and resource optimization

- | March 2020 – July 2020

Led the launch and operations of the website with the mission of disseminating relevant information on the pandemic in Nepal's context

- Looma Nepal | March 2020 – July 2020
Looma Nepal is a non-profit organization working to enhance teaching quality in rural Nepal.

Supported project management activities like communicating with product owners, creating and organizing the product backlog items, task and milestone planning, metrics tracking, and delivery of milestones

Hi, I want to share a bit about myself quickly. I recently moved to the US from Nepal where I was working as a Program Manager for a non-profit organization. I am gradually settling down and am not yet ready to commit to a full-time Project/Program Manager position. However, I am so passionate about project and program management and even strategic planning and want to contribute what I know for a good cause while learning new skills at the same time. 

My linked in profile is: ​

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Anjana Shrestha

766EditMarketing - Video EditorSebastian Paul Vargas6096137241spaulv.official@gmail.comAccepted4/10/2023 1:31 PMCompleted4/10/2023

​Marketing - Video Editor


​This is my first volunteer opportunity.

I spoke to Steve this past Friday about this position -- I'm looking forward to lending a hand where I can. 

765EditBusiness Relationship - Sponsorship Account Manager Pritesh Shah2015959417priteshah@yahoo.comSubmitted4/4/2023 3:28 PM

​Business Relationship, Training, Mentoring, Review of Papers and Presentations for Symposiums, International Conferences, etc.


​Subject Matter Expert Reviewer with - Global Congress, North America, EMEA, and India for International Paper Submissions and Presentations

Business Relationship Volunteer with PMI-NJ during 2015-2017

764EditMembership - Member Services RepresentativeDENIZE PHILLIP856-341-4716deephillip@verizon.netAccepted4/3/2023 6:15 PMCompleted4/10/20234/10/2023




763EditMembership - Member Services RepresentativeDENIZE PHILLIP856-341-4716deephillip@verizon.netSubmitted3/31/2023 5:10 PM




762EditBusiness Relationship - Sponsorship Account Manager Aishwarya Satish8148803731as3667@cornell.eduAccepted3/31/2023 12:18 PMCompleted4/10/2023

​Actually, this is my area of interest. I would love to be put in front of potential users of the PMINJ services etc, and I would love to talk to them about what we can do for them. If there are local in person events I would love to volunteer there as well!


​This would actually be my first volunteering experience. 

​LinkedIn profile:

760EditOutreach - Life Sciences LCI - Virtual Event Support (LCI “Member Services”)Tejesh Patel2018895029tejesh_patel@yahoo.comAccepted3/4/2023 11:01 PM3/22/20233/22/2023



759EditPrograms - Program Speaker Selection TeamValentine Lister(732) 859-6327val@amazonxperts.comSubmitted2/25/2023 4:16 PM


758EditPrograms - Program Speaker Selection TeamMoshe Rasis973-464-6165mail.rasis@gmail.comSubmitted2/24/2023 11:02 AM

​Program speaker selection


​Same role with the NYC chapter 


757EditPrograms - Programs Team PM - GeneralSijuwade Saka7328411095deight50@outlook.comSubmitted2/22/2023 12:01 PM



ISACA Exam Prep Team​​

756EditMembership - Member Services RepresentativeSijuwade Saka7328411095deight50@outlook.comAccepted2/22/2023 11:59 AM2/27/20232/27/2023


754EditPrograms - AV Support for Monthly ProgramsSijuwade Saka7328411095deight50@outlook.comSubmitted2/22/2023 11:54 AM



​ISACA Exam Prep Team


753EditMembership - Member Services RepresentativeSusan Blanco9737155799sueblanco@comcast.netAccepted2/20/2023 8:27 AM2/26/20232/26/2023

​member services representative 


Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael: Board member since 2006, Executive President 2014 - 2018, current position Chairperson of the annual fundraising campaign. 

Springfield NJ YMCA: Board Of Advisors 2005 -2008

752EditOutreach - (Additional) Student Team Coaches for Stevens Institute of TechnologySherry Lynn Ornitz9174078859slornitz2000@yahoo.comSubmitted2/17/2023 1:43 PM



​Future City

751EditOutreach - Life Sciences LCI - WriterArchana Narasanna6152759674narasanna@gmail.comAccepted2/12/2023 8:25 PM3/2/20233/2/2023

​Life Science, Women in Science, Project Management. 

Writing Sample - SOCRA Feb 2023.- " Project Management in Oncology Research" pgs 25-34. 


​Volunteer -SF Jazz Usher; Foodwise. Volunteer - Liasion for Blacksheep Weavers Guild. 


750EditMarketing - SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT MANAGERMichelle Morse516-840-9284micnew16@gmail.comAccepted2/1/2023 6:24 PM

​Social Media


​I've volunteered with animal rescues mostly up until now. I've also volunteered with the Young Center, which advocates for immigrant youth. I've served as an Ambassador, helping to amplify their messages and fundraising campaigns.


749EditOutreach - (Additional) Student Team Coaches for Stevens Institute of TechnologyEv Davila7325478955iamevelyndavila@yahoo.comSubmitted1/30/2023 5:12 PM

​Outreach - (Additional) Student Team Coaches for Stevens Institute of Technology


​Currently a mentor with Student Partner Alliance (S/PA), 2020 - 2025. S/PA supports high school students at private high schools in New Jersey’s urban areas of Essex, Hudson, and Union counties with tuition assistance and mentoring to increase their chances for college admission and scholarships.

748EditOutreach - Present PMINJ Benefits to NJ University Student ChaptersDavid Chigne7327420165dchigne@icloud.comSubmitted1/27/2023 6:36 PM

​Present PMINJ Benefits to NJ University Student Chapters


Since 2015, I've been a volunteer in various PM associations in South America, and I've been heavily involved with the PMI Lima (Peru) chapter, mostly as a speaker. 


747EditOutreach - Life Sciences LCI - WriterSonia Pascua2673702888smp458@drexel.eduRejected1/25/2023 3:16 AM3/3/20233/3/2023

​Mentoring, Publishing, Training


​Presenter PMINJ Future City, PMISS Mentor, PMINJ Election Search Committee


746EditMembership - Membership Services - CallerJulissa Auffant201-838-6786auffant.jc@gmail.comSubmitted1/24/2023 2:13 PM

​I would like to volunteer in the Membership Caller or Service Rep


​I volunteered in the past on keeping track of new comers and their informaiton. Updating the list as needed.


745EditProfessional Development - Manager, Webinar Speakerskate barbour9082359491k8barbour@gmail.comSubmitted1/24/2023 11:23 AM
744EditProfessional Development - Support PM for Mentor Programkate barbour9082359491k8barbour@gmail.comSubmitted1/24/2023 11:22 AM
743EditPrograms - Meetup Social Events Adminkate barbour9082359491k8barbour@gmail.comSubmitted1/24/2023 11:02 AM
742EditMembership - Membership Services - Callerkate barbour908-235-9491k8barbour@gmail.comSubmitted1/24/2023 11:01 AM
741EditSymposium - Administration Team Memberskate barbour9082359491k8barbour@gmail.comSubmitted1/24/2023 11:00 AM
740EditOutreach - Life Sciences LCI - Virtual Event Support (LCI “Member Services”)kate barbour908-235-9491kbarbour@upenn.eduAccepted1/24/2023 10:54 AM3/9/20233/9/2023

​event volunteering

739EditMembership - Member Services RepresentativeArturo Paeste II2018397012ar2r02@yahoo.comAccepted1/18/2023 12:56 PM2/10/20232/10/2023

​Helping new members like myself navigate PMINJ.  Being able to directly help members even in a virtual setting.


Cluster Head - Youth For Christ, Metro Manile, Philippines;  Active Member - Singles for Christ, Metro Manila, Philippines;   Gawad Kalinga Volunteer - Builder & Youth Leader, Metro Manila, Philippines

738EditOutreach - (Additional) Student Team Coaches for Stevens Institute of Technologysherry ornitz9174078859slornitz2000@yahoo.comSubmitted1/18/2023 12:03 PM



​future city 2022


737EditOutreach - Present PMINJ Benefits to NJ University Student ChaptersJean McCauley9084685016jm@jeanmccauley.comSubmitted1/18/2023 10:40 AM

Outreach - NJ universities​


No volunteer history with PMI, and I could not find my dates of membership on the PMINJ website but I know I'm current.  Currently, my volunteer leadership roles are with the Highlander Booster club (HS athlete support club) as chair of the senior awards banquet and secretary of my church council, among many other volunteer work.

Background in theater and comfortable presenting in front of people.  A 22-year old daughter recent college grad and twin daughters headed to college next year, as well as a son in HS, so I can 'relate' to young adults.

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