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Title :

Outreach - Call for 2022 Speakers for Life Sciences LCI

Deliverables :

  1. Provide brief 1 - 2 paragraph presentation abstract with an overview of the proposed content
  2. Meet with LCI Core Team Member Services sub-team to discuss application; if accepted, select event date & time
  3. Agreement to honor commitment to schedule event date and pre-event time and task requirements
  4. Define high-level presentation scope & content outline and meet with LCI liaison to finalize
  5. Finalize presentation abstract for PMINJ event page, including working with LCI liasion to assign PDU allocation
  6. Prepare draft presentation slide deck/visual materials, and interactive elements such as poll questions, and meet with LCI liaison to refine & finalize
  7. Speaker rehearses on their own to ensure content fits within time slot
  8. Participate in tech "dry run" with LCI Member Services sub-team
  9. Log in/arrive 30 mins before event start time
  10. Deliver presentation
  11. Participate in short post-event debrief immediately after event
  12. If applicable and agreed-to, write up brief responses to unanswered questions from live event

Description :

The PMINJ Life Sciences LCI (local community of interest) is seeking speakers to present original content for programs targeted to project management professionals within the Life Sciences industry.  For information about the scope and mission of the PMINJ Life Sciences LCI, visit: See "Deliverables" above for duties. 

Desired Skills :

Experience preparing & presenting content for >100 people for 1+ hours, with expertise such as: life science industry practices, regulations for life science products/services, program/project mgt. or business practices as applied to life sciences.

Interview Required :


Name Of Reviewers :

Claudia Campbell
Patricia Young

Number Of Persons Reqd :


Resume Required :


Special Instructions :

‚ÄčIf your presentation is accepted, you will be asked to confirm your commitment by signing a speaker agreement.  Please note that due to critical schedule requirements we will adhere to milestones to have a successful event.  If these commitments cannot be met, we will reschedule your presentation for a future event.

Also if accepted, you will be assigned a "speaker angel" (Liasion from the LCI Core Team) who will work with you in the months before the event to help shape your presentation in line with event requirements such as formatting, timing for Q&A, etc.

Speakers will not be compensated financially; all speaker time is strictly voluntary.  All time spent preparing for and delivering a presentation at the actual event is eligible for volunteer PDU credits for PMI certificate holders.  Speakers can feel free to briefly market their organization and/or their service offerings to the event audience during their presentations.

Term Limit :


Travel Required :


Type Of Interaction :


Opportunity Start Date :


Opportunity End Date :


VOS Status :


PMINJ Membership Required :


Estimated Time Commitment :

approx. 10 to 15 hours depending on presentation topic

VP Area :


Listing Start Date :


Listing End Date :


Can person hold multiple PMINJ volunteer roles?


Name Of Requestor :

Volunteer Area of Interest :

ContentContributor, PresenterWebinars, ProfessionalDevelopmentEducation, Speaker
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Created at 9/25/2021 8:06 PM by Claudia Campbell
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